Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

VousDeux #10


Equipment: S1 Lifer helmet (stickers by Voodoo Monkey; ding ding, shaaaaaaame.)
Roller Bones – Day of the Dead wheels (92)
Freshie Riedell R3s. BUT, I plan on getting custom fitted for something fancy at Rollercon (Happy Birthday to ME!!!)

Story behind your derby name and number: My name? I’ve been known to be quite hexing, just a forewarning…
My number, 10. Isn’t it obvious? Because I’m perfect! JUST KIDDING, jeez! not really ;)

Position:  Blocker and Jammer

Height: 5’6″ (off skates, on a good day)

Love: It allows me to refocus and exhaust myself to forget about all the garbage that fills up in my head each day. Getting goofy and learning new things from and with cool chicks. But mostly because…. SKATING IS FUN, YO!

Love less: Feeling awkward, and smelly gear (blech!)

Derby mantra: I’m better today then I was the first day I put on gear.
and/or Have fun, DAMMIT!

Derby theme song: Lil’ Jon – Get Low…”drop that ass to the floor”
Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle. That was what I listened to and played in my head to pass 27/5.
Phenomena – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Derby hero: Everyone in the league (on and off skates) is so skilled on the track and in life. I’m grateful for the time I’ve had with you all, especially PRGU 9! CHERRIES!!!
Derby Love!
XO – Kisses and Curses