Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

Pinky Bruiser #54

pinkybruiserEquipment: My skates are pink and black Antik AR-1s with Revenge plates, pink Juice wheels, and a pink Chaya toe stop. I wear 187 Pro Derby pads and an S1 Lifer helmet. I’ve got a pink SISU mouthguard

Story behind your derby name and number: Pink is my favorite color….obviously…..and Punky Brewster was a badass little chick so I combined the two. My number is from former middle linebacker Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears…..badass big dude!!

Position: Both but prefer blocking

Height: 5’3″…..on a good day

Love: I love the challenge, the camaraderie, the strong amazing women, and the sweat….yes, even the sweat!

Love less: The falls, the frustration, the egos, the sweat…..lol…..yes, the sweat. We have a love/hate relationship.

Derby mantra: Knees bent, ass out, tits up!

Derby theme song: Anything by the Beastie Boys

Derby hero: My derby wife, Quinnstigator, from BCRD. She’s an amazing skater and just makes it look effortless!!