Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

Pax Punches #808

Coach: Pax Punches

Equipment: Antik boots with Revenge plates and Rollerbones turbo 97 wheels. My 187 pads are fine for elbows and knees, but my Atom wrist guards are awesome! 

Story behind your derby name and number: I’d only done individual sports before derby and I was raised by peaceful hippies, so being a peaceful warrior seemed about right – thus Pax Punches was born. And I’m from the 808 state, so there’s my number story.

Position: Both but prefer jamming

Height: 5’5″

Love: Athleticism, community, being badass, and pushing my limits.

Love less: The amount of time I’m away from my family and the strain that puts on family life.

Derby mantra: Any jam isn’t going to be more than 2 minutes. I can do anything for 2 minutes.

Derby theme song: My Shot from Hamilton.

Derby hero: Stef Mainey, Fifi Nominon, Jackson, Lauren Mutch, Scald Eagle…it’s too hard to pick just one.