Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

McNeil B4 Me #211


Equipment: Riedell Blue Streaks, 187 wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads. Pink SISU mouthguard and S1 Lifer helmet.  

Story behind your derby name and number: My last name is McNeil and one of my co-workers came up with this one and one other. I put it to a vote and this is the name that won. The number is for the birthday of my friend’s daughter, who is my mini-me!!

Position: Blocker

Height: 5’6″

Love: What I love most about derby is the diversity of skaters, refs and NSOs. We have so many people from so many different walks of life that commit to playing such an fun sport.

Love less: I am not a fan of having to give up all my Sunday Funday’s, but in the end I love the sport so much I am willing to give it up.

Derby mantra: Move Bit@h get out the way!!

Derby theme song: Oh the list is endless: Taylor Swift- Shake It Off, Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance, One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful, then ska and Offspring.

Derby hero: Vix- Monterey Bay Derby Dames, Stef Mainy-London Rollergirls