Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

La Muerta #112

Equipment: Currently skate on Antik Spyder’s with their stock plates, and rolling on Radar Flat Out’s 88a’s (working my way up to a 92a) and Gumball toe stops, but looking to change them out. Using 187 Pro Derby knee pads, Triple 8 elbow, wrist guards, and helmet. And the oh so essential SISU (kids) mouthguard in orange (go Giants!).

Story behind your derby name and number: I thought long and hard for a derby name, I went through 2 bootcamps with no name. I love the significance of the Day of the Dead (Nov.2 hence my # 112) and when I saw the movie The Book of Life, the character La Muerte was kind but fierce when she needed to be. And I thought, how perfect! So there you have it~

Position: Both

Height: 4’9″

Love: I love everything about it, especially with this league. PRG is so welcoming and patient, making my derby journey such a wonderful experience.

Love less: Pace lines.

Derby mantra: Breathe. PLOWWWW!

Derby theme song: Well I haven’t had a scrimmage or bout as of yet (due to injury), but it would have to be Breathe, by Fabolous. Or maybe Eye of the Tiger , because who doesn’t like Rocky!