Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

Brick Houser #THX 1138


Equipment: Minx boots, stock plates, Radar wheels, 187 knee, Atom elbow and T8 wrist guards.

Story behind your derby name and number: Ms Moosie gave me my new awesome derby name. She said I hit like a ton of bricks :). My number is new. I love sci-fi books and movies. My original number was 42 from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. My new one THX 1138 was the first sci-fi movie George Lucas directed in the 70’s. It’s a little-known film, but it has influenced almost every science fiction movie since then.

Position:  Both but prefer blocking

Height: 5’7″

Love: Everything. The teammates, the environment, the game. Everyone is so accepting and weird and cool around derby. 

Love less: Sore feet and blisters.

Derby mantra: Get lower.

Derby theme song: Anything by AC/DC

Derby hero: Demanda Riot <3