Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

Bangshe #777

BangSheEquipment: Oh god. I don’t know the specific names of any of my stuff. I’m not an equipment nerd. 

Story behind your derby name and number: I wanted to be Banshee, but it was taken. 777 is because my daughter is 7 and I’m a bit deaf so I wanted a number that I could clearly hear.

Position: Jammer

Height: 5’4″

Love: What’s not to love. I love this ladies who take on something challenging, humbling but deeply satisfying and athletic. I love that my whole family is involved and come to my bouts. My sister is in a league, my daughter was in Jr Derby last year (she’s taking a break) and my husband is amazingly supportive and a Jr Derby sponsor. I’m his favorite derby skater (he hasn’t explicitly told me this but I’m assuming its me because he hasn’t met Suzy Hot Rod).

Love less: Getting my hand (or worse) wedged in armpits.

Derby mantra: Helllppppppp (just kidding). Hips together.

Derby theme song: Probably something chill like Ella Fitzgerald so that I stay calm.

Derby hero: Scald Eagle (very unoriginal) and Sinna cause she makes it look easy.